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Brede Kåsa


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Free from foreign tourism

Cirebon, located in West-Java provins, is a pearl for travelleres who wants to visit a larger city where tourism have not made traces yet. If you dislike meeting (other) Europeans or Americans on your travels, this is where you want to go, but keep in mind: the city has much to offer so in few years mainstream tourism is likely to be a reality also here.

A city for travelers

If you describe your self as an package tourist who expect comfortable travelling and beautiful places, Cirebon is not for you – yet. On the other hand, if you are a traveller who wants to discover and experience the real life and culture: then Cirebon is the destination you are looking for.

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Serving food near Grage Mall, Cirebon.

Brede Kåsa

What to expect

Cirebon: raw and brutal showing peoples daily life and challengs. Heat, dust, smells from littering and traffic noise. All of what is usually looked at as bad becomes the signature of a city pure from tourism decorations and souvenir sellers.

Heat and dust makes one thirsty, but luckily water is sold every­where. Not allways from fridges, but whether the water is cool or warm is your smallest worry.

The weather

Expect hot and dry conditions. Also in the rainy season. Looking at the weather fore­cast, it seems like every day is rain and thunder, but thats not the truth. It seldom rained in Cirebon, and when it did it was usually a welcoming cooling shower. A few times in rainy season, it rained like The Gates of Heaven was open though. Maybe just good luck, but the heavy rain fell in the evening and at night.