Kuta beach

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Kuta beach before sunset. Looking north. Kuta, Bali.

Brede Kåsa


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The beach

Kuta beach is one of Bali's famous beaches, stretching along the western coast of Denpassar, about a 50 minutes drive by car from the airport.


The beach seems to be a good place to learn to surf. It is shallow, and the waves are large enough to carry surfboards. I didn't try my self, but I saw many people practicing.

Travelling with children

The waves at Kuta Beach can be rather large for children to play in beach­front unattended. The strong current that occurs when the waters recede can attract small and large individuals into the ocean.

Are you travelling with children who can not swim, you may want to first choose a hotel with swimming pool and situated close to a beach, and then schedule just a few excursions elsewhere than to the beach.

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The kids loves playing in the sand at Kuta beach.

Yeni Kåsa

When to go there

At noon, the beach sand is too warm to walk barefeet, so bring your sandals or slippers. At noon the beach is also relatively empty of people, maybe because of the heat, but Tte palm trees along the beach provide a pleasant shade.

At afternoon, the beach is crowded, as many people find their way here to watch the sun go down. How ever, it is easy to find a spot to piknik and watch the sunset.

Walking the streets near the beach after sunset is a pleasant experience. The Kuta night life begins, and walking around seeing people and places, hearing live music and smelling the fresh foods makes you want the walk last forever.

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People watching sunset at Kuta beach, Bali.

Brede Kåsa