Local market

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Salesman Bang Kumis and his stall inside Lemahabang local market, Cirebon.

Brede Kåsa


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Local market

Local market, also called traditional market, can be found many places and in most areas. Range and size of the market varies from place to place. The goods are fresh, and if I have not mis­under­stood, this is where shop­keepers and restaurants buy their raw ability.

Cramped and dark

The market place is usually fairly dark and it can be crowded, but by all means; do not be surprised when some­one on a motor­bike squeezes through.

Discover new items

The markets consist of stalls selling fruit and vegetables you never hear of, fresh meat and fish, clothes, and smaller knick-knacks. Whether you prefer cotton or batik, you can find your favorite t-shirt, dress or hat here; or you can bring home the finest vegetables and fruits to make the freshest smoothie you ever tasted.

Even though the prices are already low, it is possible to bargain. And the more you buy, the lower the prices. But you don't have to buy anything at all: just go there.

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Overview of a hall in Lemahabang local market, Cirebon. Written on the sign: «Menjual daging sapi» (Selling cow meat).

Brede Kåsa

Go there in the morning

The stalls are set up every morning around 04–06 AM, and packed away around 6 PM. Most of all, local market must be experienced, but because of the heat from the sun, the best time to visit the market is in the morning. The earlier the better, but try at least go there before 10 AM.