Mount Ciremai

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Gunung (mount) Ciremai. Doesn't look like a 3078 meter tall mountain from here, about 680 meter above sea level.

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The Mountain

Mount Ciremai is a nearly symmetrical strato volcano on Java island, whice rises 3078 meters above sea leavel. Mount Ciremai looks smaller than it actually is. Maybe because of it's large diameter?

Last eruption was in 1951, and mount Ciremai concidered a male volcano because of sporadic eruptions. The opposite, a volcano with regular eruptions, is a female volcano.

If you travel to Cirebon with train from Jakarta (Gambir) at daytime, a journey of three hours with Cirebon Express, you will notice the always flat terrain. All around: flat, flat, flat. Only houses and trees rises above never-ending rice fields. Untill you are close to Cirebon! And you can see it form the train! A huge cone in the horizon! Mount Ciremai.

Hiking mount Ciremai

Hiking the trails of mount Ciremai is actually a great way to connect with people. There are many people hiking here, and people with similar interests easily becomes friends.

At times as much as 2500 people per month hikes mount Ciremai, which makes it one of the most popular mountains to hike in Indonesia.

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A great place to meet new friends. From left: Buluk, Joko, Brede, Alfi. The remote control (in my left hand (I'm the white one)) was low on battery and had a problem activating the camera.

Brede Kåsa

The trails

There are three trails on mount Ciremai, and they are located at different sides of the mountain:

  1. Apuy.

  2. Palutungan.

  3. Cibunar Linggajati.

This article is about Cibunar Linggajati trail.

In case of emergency

Before you start hiking, in Linggajati, you might want to register in case of emergency. I was told it costs fifty thousand Indonesian Rupiah. You are actually required to register, but … yeah … I guess I forgot.

The trail

As with the last part of the road, the hiking trail is also steep. It's probably too steep to be fun for a smaller children, but a perfect challenge for teenagers and more experienced hikers.

The hiking trail can be slippery when wet, but don't let it stop you. It's not a huge problem, or a problem at all. You just tread more carefully.

Going there in rainy season

I was told the mountain was closed for hiking during rain season, but so wrong can one be. From what I was told, I was determined to walk alone, and I expected to be alone in the trail. I soon regret I didn't prepare something to share: Ciremai was full of life.

Keep nature clean

Mount Ciremai is clean from litter, and well cared of. The nature around the trail seems untouched, and raises the overall hiking experience. Stay on the trail to minimize human foot prints, and bring any litter back to the basecamp. But you already knew this.

Clothing and shoes

It's somewhat cooler at Ciremai than in Cirebon, but wearing shorts and t-shirt still makes sence. Hiking shoes and off road running shoes are comfortable, but after watching the other hikers, it seems ordinary slippers have the same or better grip on wet surface. Consider bringing a hat for sun protection.

Mosquito repellant was not nesessary at the time I was there. At least not as long as I was moving.

Food and water

Bring water and food, and bring extra in case you meet someone to share with. Don't err like me, and assume you will be alone.

If you have limited time

After about an hour of hiking, you'll reach a point of view. And the view is awesome! It's a perfect goal for the trip if you have limited time or are just reckoning.

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Sunrise. This point of view serves as a great target destination, about an hour hike from the basecamp.

Brede Kåsa

Cibunar Linggajati basecamp

Cibunar Linggajati basecamp is located at about 900 meter above sea level. It's about a two hour drive from Cirebon, depending on the route and driving conditions.

Follow Jalan Linggasana to reach Cibunar Linggajati basecamp. When you reach the basecamp, remember you are one of the hikers. You are on the same team, and you share the same interest: hiking.

You might want someone to transport you to the basecamp. By using a car you'll h taveo walk the last 200 meters of elevation below the basecamp, but a motorcycle will take you all the way up. The last 200 meters are steep, but yet a nice walk if you have energy.

The basecamp is the end of the road, and the the start of the hiking trail.

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Cibunar Linggajati basecamp. Wish I knew more about the basecamp before I got there.

Geo. coords.: -6.884041, 108.456015. Elevation about 900 masl.

Brede Kåsa