Sacred Monkey Forest

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Thief: The monkey with my water bottle. Sacred Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali.

Brede Kåsa


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The monkey forest in Ubud

Mandala Wisata Wenera Wana, The Sacred Monkey Forest near Ubud city center, Bali, is a well-kept park in the forest. The monkeys are all over the park, but most of them are gathered at an open space by the enterance.

Use caution

All over the park there are guards to ensure that the monkeys behave and to make visitors feel safe, but the monkeys can attack if provoked or don't get their will.

Keep your things in pockets

Follow the advice to put things in pockets. Water bottles, wallets and everything else you are carrying visible in your hands will be taken from you by the monkeys. You can say goodbye to small items carried in your hands.

When a monkey grabs something in your hands, it is advisable to let go of it. Fighting with a monkey is no pleasant experience, and do not think that this only happens occasionally, or probably will not happen to you. It does.

Avoid the kiosks at the entrance of the park: not only are the kiosks selling you expensive, but it's likely that threatening monkeys will want to steal your food and beverage. Wait to buy anything until you have gone a bit away from the park.

As long as you avoid fighting with the monkeys, their stealing is to some extent funny and sweet and providing funny memories (and photos).

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The Sacred Monkey Forest.

Brede Kåsa

Photographing in the park

The park is dense with trees, and dark for photography. If you are concerned about sharp images, you should bring a tripod or at least a monopod.

In addition to those sharp photos, a tripod is also an effective for keeping aggressive monkeys at distance. If a monkey seems agressive (you will not be in doubt!), simply keep the tripod between your self and the monkey, and slowly back away. Besides: cameras without tripod can also be easy preys for the monkeys.