Streets of Ubud

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Bali is in general all about selling to tourists, and Ubud is no exception.

Brede Kåsa


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All about sales

Ubud is expensive – just like Bali in general. Everything costs about three times more than at Java. Maybe it is intended to bargain, but that is also possible at Java. There are a lot of great crafts for sale, and sellers are relatively polite.

Taxi drivers (or taxi pushers?) – and there are lots of them – they sit in rows along the side­walks. No matter how many people sitting next to each other, every one of them ask if you need a taxi as you pass them – but fortunately they are not discussing, and takes no for an answer.

Souvenir stalls

There are streets with hundreds of souvenir stalls in Ubud. Although some of the streets are narrow and best suited for pedestrians, it is much motor­cycle traffic. The motor­cycle traffic is mostly a problem and irritation if you are traveling with children.

Besides the nips which quickly becomes repetition, maybe most stalls buy their goods from the same vendor, there is also sold much unique art and craft items. The finest and most unique craft are usually found in stores; not in stalls.

Hindu temples

Ubud have Hindu temples on nearly every corner. Many are open to visitors and is enjoyable to watch, but has the most value to people with some insight in Hindu history and faith.

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One of several temples in Ubud which are open for public..

Brede Kåsa